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Borawskie (Przytuły Parish, Łomża County, Podlaskie Voivodeship)

Borawskie near Przytuly in Poland

Sometime prior to 1421 a clan of family members settled a village just southwest of present day Przytuly.  How they came to be there is not known (at this time).  The family, as we know them now, were the Borawski. Though perhaps at that time they were without surname, they did call their village Borowo.  It is uncertain, presently, if the family named the village Borowo, borrowed the name from a prior residence, or it was already referred to Borowo. According to an inquiry to the Instytut Jezyka Polskiego PAN in Krakow, the early recorded name for this village at this location was Borowo.  It was known as Borowo in records dating in the years: 1421, 1426, and 1471.

Additionally, on 8 December 1426,  Janusz I, the Duke of Czerwin of the land Mazsovia, is recorded to have given 10 włóks* of land to three brothers who where from Borowo. The first three recorded "Borawski" brothers were Dobiesław, Stanisław and Mikołaj.  Two years later, in 1428, this event was confirmed by Prince Władysława I and the village became under the care and law of now noble brothers who chose the heraldry coat of arm, Cholewa. Most likely the Cholewa was not only the crest for the family but for the village itself. 

According to Instytut Jezyka Polskiego PAN in Krakow, the town then became known as Borawe in 1480.  Then, in 1497, a Stanisław and Stefan of Borawic attended an expedition for King Jana Olbrachta, most likely a military expedition against the Turks and Moldavians.

Then in 1577, the town was known as Borawica Dobki.

In 1784, the village was a noble backwater, populated by the following families:

  • Borawscy, Filipkowscy, Jorscy, Łoszewscy, Mieczkowscy, Rupińscy, Święszkowscy

In 1827, the town was known as Borawskie a Przytuly.

In 1839, the town was simply known as Borawskie.

In 1880, it was known as Borawskie-Przytuly.

Finally, records of 1921, 1880, and presently have the town as Borawskie.



 *Włók - an unknown measurement used in medieval Poland.

*Borawe - can also be identified as Borowa, Borawie, or Borowe. Read more here.