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Welcome to the Borawski Blog

Witamy! / Welcome!

In this blog you'll find articles and tidbits on Borawski persons from around the world.  The World Wide Web (WWW) is a media to which we can see what other Borawski persons, who might have been forever unknown to us, are doing and to discover a bit of their own life in this century.


Most are news articles, but some from personal and business websites, genealogy forums, and other tidbits that do not fall into these mentioned categories.


Please enjoy browsing and discovering your entended Borawski family from around the world.


Greetings and Regards,

---Borawski.net Administrator


Welcome to the new Borawski/Borawscy website! 

It has been some time coming for the revamp of the old website and now it is a pleasure to have this new one up on the internet.  The hope and purpose of this website is to connect, trace, learn, and discover the history and current events that pertain to the Polish surname BORAWSKI, in all of it's derivative forms: Borawski (male), Borawska (female), Borawskie (belonging to), Borawscy (possesive). This wonderfully rich surname has a long history beginning in the northeastern part of Poland [Polska] in the 15th century.  Today the surname is global from Polska to United States to New Zealand to Argentina. In fact, except for Anarticia, this surname is found on each continent.

The deepest part of the website and the one that is used the most is the genealogy database.  This wonderful database is the work of many people, all who have given their Borawski family information freely, with the hope of tracing their ancestors or finding new cousins.